ISRAEL NOW is designed to bring a comprehensive selection of works by contemporary Israeli artists, living in Israel or internationally, to Sydney and Melbourne.


Conceived and project co-ordinated by UIA Board member Joshua Biggs, it is curated by well-known Israeli art dealer Major Assour with further assistance from Bambi Blumberg, Art Basel’s representative in Australia & New Zealand.


Showcasing works by numerous artists, the exhibition will not only provide a wonderful cultural link between Israel and Australia it will also provide a valuable source of revenue from sales for both the artists and KH-UIA, in turn supporting Israel’s most valuable asset – OUR PEOPLE.


Through the medium of painting, photography, sculpture and video work, a range of social, political and environmental issues relevant to Israeli contemporary life will be reflected. This will provide KH-UIA donors and avid art collectors in the wider Australian Jewish Community the opportunity to engage and experience Israel’s talent pool.


It will cater to different levels of interest with prices commensurate with emerging, mid and senior career artists.